Breast Asymmetry Correction


Breast asymmetry is a surprisingly  common condition. Hamish offers breast asymmetry correction surgery in order to try to restore a woman’s breasts to an aesthetically pleasing and symmetrical size, position and shape. This operation increases self-esteem and confidence amongst these women which can be life changing. During your consultation, Hamish will discuss with you what results he feels that he can achieve as well as what techniques he will use during your procedure.


Techniques include using implants, lifting or reducing the breast, and often needs something done to both sides. Occasionally initial asymmetry correction surgery is a two-stage process/operation, but Hamish will discuss this with you during your consultation if he feels that this is relevant to your condition.  There are so many different types of asymmetry – the treatment chosen will depend on what suits your figure.

Over life, asymmetric differences may show again as you gain and lose weight, have babies or simply get older. He will discuss this with you too, as some will need touch-ups or revisions after many years.

The key points of surgery are:

  • One night stay in hospital
  • The operation takes between 1- 1.5 hours
  • The surgery isn’t very painful
  • No stitches are visible or need removal, as Hamish uses dissolvable sutures.

Next day after surgery:

  • You can shower with your waterproof dressings on
  • You can wear the provided crop top/bra for 1-2 weeks post op or until all bruising and swelling has subsided

Patient care issues:

  • Your breasts may feel tight and firm in the early post op period until your swelling and bruising has reduced and your breasts have settled into their new position and shape.
  • You can drive in 5-7 days; you need to be comfortable and not restricted by your surgery.
  • You can go back to work in 1-2 weeks depending on how you are recovering.
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