Nipple Surgery


Hamish performs nipple correction procedures for a number of reasons.

These include nipple reconstruction after mastectomy surgery, nipple inversion correction as well as nipple/ areolar positioning correction and nipple size reduction. After a thorough consult, Hamish will decide if this surgery is suitable for you and further tailor the procedure to your specific requirements.


  • Nipple reconstruction is done by recreating a nipple using your own tissue/skin
  • Hamish corrects nipple inversion by either piercing your nipple with a small barbell, or a more involved surgery for more severe cases.
  • Areolar / nipple positioning can be corrected by removing small pieces of skin and re-stitching the area with dissolvable stitches.

The key points of surgery are:

  • Inverted nipple correction is usually undertaken in our rooms in Hawthorn under local anaesthetic. Here, Hamish will pierce your inverted nipple and insert a barbell to keep it pointing outwards. Occasionally this procedure is performed in an operating theatre if it is combined with another operation
  • Nipple reconstruction surgery is performed as a day case procedure is hospital. It takes approximately 30mins and dissolvable sutures are used. You will be provided with a water proof dressing which you will keep on until your post op appointment and then we will provide you with a nipple shield to wear in order to protect your new nipple for 7-10days.

The next day after surgery:

  • You can drive
  • Resume working
  • You can shower with our waterproof dressings on.

Patient care issues:

  • After nipple inversion correction piercing, we encourage you to purchase an alcohol based after care spray to keep the pierced area clean.
  • Immediately after nipple reconstruction surgery your nipple will look swollen and erect. This will settle over time and you nipple will reduce up to 50% in size.
  • 6 weeks after nipple reconstruction surgery, you have the option to get your areolar tattooed around your new nipple to complete this process.
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