Chest Wall Surgery


Congenital deformity of the chest wall ranges from the very common mild asymmetries seen in most normal people, through to significant presentations including pectus excavatum (sunken chest), Pectus carinatum (bird chest), and Poland’s deformity, which ranges from more minor effects where some of the Pectoralis muscle may be missing, right through to absence of the breast, nipple, Pectoralis and Latissimus Dorsi muscles, shortened webbed fingers on the hand on that side,  and everything in between.


Management depends on what the problem is, and ranges from fat injection, placement of custom made implants, through to surgery to reposition the sternum (breast bone) or breast reconstruction.


Hamish will assess you and discuss the options pertinent to your situation. He will discuss with you the operation and postoperative care you might need and the recovery you can expect.

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