Can someone tell I have implants in place?

You should consider breast augmentation only if you are prepared that they may be obvious in some circumstances. Your figure will change and the proportions will change, so this may be evident to those who know you well. For most women who are small chested, an augmentation makes their tummy look flatter, and their hips ‘fit’ better into their shape, once balanced by a bigger bust. This will leave a natural sense of proportions so the breasts just seem to ‘fit’ too, and hence are not obvious, though to you they may take some time to get used to!

Sometimes, folds and ripples can be felt through the skin and occasionally actually seen. We do everything we can to prevent these from being visible or palpable, but you need to be aware that we do not have much control over this problem. The thinner the patient, the more likely these ripples will show. The less breast tissue that is present to begin with, the more likely the ripples will show, and the less natural they will look. Ripples are more common in saline than silicone implants, and in textured rather than smooth.

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